Practical information, guidance and links to the best online and face-to-face resources to start, grow and manage your business

DESIGN your business


You want to design a product or a service that delights your customers.

This section gives you the tools to discover what your market really wants and needs, then use this as the basis for a successful, profitable business model.



You are ready to launch your business.

We’ll help you decide whether to become a company, sole trader or social enterprise and tick off the legal and regulatory aspects of getting going.

ENGAGE your customer


You need to develop great customer relationships.

Here you’ll find step-by-step support on creating a website, getting active on social media and running a marketing campaign.

MANAGE your business


You want to run a business with an operational engine that is healthy and fit of purpose.

These resources will help you develop the skills to manage your money, comply with regulation and insurance, put in place good company governance, and know your legal responsibilities.

GROW your business


Think strategically to achieve your expansion.

Practical guides on how and when to scale, plus where to raise finance, so you can identify the best investment or borrowing solution for your business. Then get advice and support on staff development to find, recruit and support the best talent.